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I’ve been having speakers from In The Know come into my 9th grade Health classroom for the past 7 years and will continue inviting them for years to come. My students love how interactive and engaging the presentations are, and the content is always current and relevant. I really feel that my students are getting valuable information from the presentations, and the speakers make it a comfortable environment and encourage students to ask questions and actively participate in the activities and discussions. I truly can’t say enough great things about this program.


I believe one of the most important aspects of the “In The Know” program, at both the middle and high school level, is the ability of the program’s representatives to make the students feel comfortable with the subject matter and discussion. They truly do a great job of engaging the students and getting them to feel comfortable in a short amount of time!


We have utilized the IN THE KNOW program over the past few years at Frazier School District, and the information, presenters, and activities provide current and factual information to guide students to make appropriate and responsible decisions.  The program allows students to understand the importance of positive and negative consequences for decisions, and the impact it can have on their own or others lives.

Winston S.

“IN THE KNOW” does a great job of getting important information to our student, by creating a comfortable learning environment.  “IN THE KNOW” presenters will focus on protecting each student’s goals by the choices they make.  The presenters do a great job making my students feel comfortable discussing the concepts of sexual avoidance and the risk associated with sexual activity by incorporating different activities/games as well as handouts and fun giveaways for participation.  As a teacher, they make it easy for me to schedule presentations date and keep a good line of communication open


The In the Know programs are great programs. Oakland Catholic High School has invited In the Know Speakers into our Health Classes since 2014. The Healthy Relationships and Abstinence Programs are highlights in our Health Classes. They bring testimonials of real-life situations that our students can learn from and offer them strategies to handle similar situations in their lives or those of friends and family.

Mary Pat


Our presentations provide practical, medically factual information in an engaging format.